Fujitsu releases Android tablet


Fujitsu has released the STYLISTIC M350/CA2, an Android OS-based tablet for the enterprise market.

The STYLISTIC M350/CA2 features a compact form factor, equipped with a 7-inch display and a body weighing approximately 420g for easy mobility. The tablet achieves both superior portability and usability, with features such as rapid booting and the ability to select between different character input modes - a numeric keypad, QWERTY, and hand-writing - to gives users the choice that best meets their individual needs.

Moreover, the new tablet can be employed in a wide range of scenarios, including as a mobile sales terminal, as a handset for displaying digital catalogs at a retail store, and as an e-book reader in a classroom setting. In addition to offering excellent cost-performance, the STYLISTIC M350/CA2 supports customers in transforming work styles within their companies.

Product Features

  1. Compact body for superior mobility

With its high-resolution 7-inch WSVGA (1024 x 600 pixel) display, the compact and lightweight body of approximately 420g makes it easy to hold and operate with just one hand. This and its lengthy running time of approximately 6.1 hours make it ideal for applications that require mobility.

  1. Enhanced usability through Android OS and Fujitsu's unique character input tools

The tablet runs on Android OS, which enables rapid booting and smooth, intuitive usability through multi-touch operations. Furthermore, it offers Fujitsu's unique "NX! Input powered by ATOK" character input technology, which boasts especially high speed and high accuracy in recognizing kanji characters. This means users can select between numeric keypad input, QWERTY input, and hand-written input to choose the character input mode that best meets their individual needs.

  1. Full-featured network communication capabilities

The tablet is compatible with IEEE 802.11b/g/n wireless LANs and can connect to cloud computing environments. It also supports a variety of convenient business features, such as Bluetooth v2.1 data connection with PCs and mobile phones and image output to projectors using a miniHDMI interface.

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underwhelming, ugly, overpriced and about 2 year two late. Mhat gives? Fujitsu arrows are pretty slick phones. Why go backwards with this offering?

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The market price of this tablet seems to me arounf 34800 yen.

Quite expensive if you ask me, considering the hardware and software used.

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I think this is the part 2 article for the first article about Japan losing its competitive edge.

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Some details here...

1GHz Freescale i.Mx processor, 512MB of RAM, Gingerbread

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Those specs look pretty underwhelming. Judging by the wallpaper this isn't a 4.0, or even a 3.1 device, probablly more like a Gingerbread, as it doesn't look like any of the OS's optimed for tablets. Processor type and whether it is a single or dual core is'nt mentioned either.

It better be cheap, and I mean VERY CHEAP, considering the Kindle Fire is USD$200.

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STYLISTIC M350/CA2 ... catchy name ....

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This and its lengthy running time of approximately 6.1 hours make it ideal for applications that require mobility.

since when is 6.1 hours considered a lengthy running time? Maybe for a laptop.

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