Fujitsu to build next-generation supercomputer


Fujitsu has received an order from the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) for a new supercomputer system which will be the most powerful in Japan when it goes online in 2010.

The Linux cluster, serving as the core of the new system, will employ the PRIMERGY BX900 blade servers that Fujitsu has positioned as a key product in the company's global expansion. Comprised of 2,157 nodes, the core system will have theoretical peak performance of 200 teraflops, making it the fastest supercomputer system in Japan.

The new system is slated to commence operations in March 2010 and will be used in a variety of areas of atomic energy research, including nuclear fusion simulations. It will play an important role in ensuring the safe use of atomic energy.


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I assume the JAEA issued an open tender, inviting all capable manufacturers, Japanese and foreign, to take part in the bidding process and selected Fujitsu purely on price and performance. Right?

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I've worked with Fujitsu IT people in the past. The company does very well despite the efforts of their employees and managers.

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Some Nvidia setups reach 10 teraflops through single pc so if they manage to discover proper coded programming for this task they could compete here and save maybe 100 times the budget and future electrical waste.

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Wonder if they'll make their employees buy one, like they did with the rest of the products?

But you don't really need 200 teraflops to calculate fusion simulations, when three employees can do it in a metal bucket!

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they must've just finished reverse-engineering the latest Croll

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sorry Cray

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must've just finished reverse-engineering the latest Cray

Or else they figured out an easier method to daisy-chain 500 PlayStation 3's.

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stirfry: that's right. Fujitsu owns many Crays to do their reverse engineering.

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Fujitsu and Cray are not quite in the same market. Fujitsu is no longer in the vector machine business, while Cray still is. That's why this project was intially supposed to be Fujitsu/NEC hybrid, NEC being the supplier of vector processors, Fujitsu responsible for the scalar processors. Besides, Cray is no longer what it used to be. They got owned massively by NEC in their vector machine niche.

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Too many computer geeks here with too much free time to blog. I just want to know my Fujitsu hard drive wonT let me download a couple of applications so I can go back to watching the Simpsons over the internet??

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