Game on: Group offers retro consoles to cooped-up kids


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I didn't know about this but its probably for the best. I can imagine what would happen if a console ended up at ours. "Dad, get off the SNES and do some work!" "But I've almost remembered how to Shoryuken."

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Brings back some old memories ....

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Can't wait until my kid is old enough for games.

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Good on these guys- families will be stuck at home for a while without much to do, and I imagine this could actually be a good opportunity for parent/child bonding. ["This is what I played back when I was your age.." etc.] Also don't forget that not everyone can afford a Switch, or even find one to buy.

Super Famicoms are also quite robust hardware with a large selection of easy-to-find, high-quality, affordable used titles, so it makes sense from that perspective as well. Win-win.

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The forced to work at home salaryman will punch his kid to get his hands on this one.

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I also found a very old retro game that deals with playing as a gardener. Excellent and old and it works fine. This allows for the kids to play on the retro games as well as attend to my real garden of veggies and herbs and since it is abundant, I let them take the goodies home. I love these old games.

Is this ok?

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Nice idea, but it's easier to now play the same games on a tablet. Tablet versions can also be made online, so kids can play with their friends. Online games let kids play with their mates who they cannot see during lockdown.

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How about they offer them books instead of brain numbing video games? Just a thought.

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I introduced my son to the Famicom (NES) last week and we’ve been playing it together a lot. Doesn’t matter that it is 35 years old, all that matters is that Mario and Ice Climber are fun!

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I have a huge roof garden. As I have power out there as well, I put outside on my picnic tables all my older game consoles, and a giant monitor. I invited all the neighboring kids from my building to freely use the space to get fresh air, sun and out of the cave. Also put some wading pools for the younger ones.

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I guess they don't sell retropies in the back alleys of Akiba

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@do the hustle

i used to think so too, but research has proven that video games can be good for the mind

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Nice though but kids don’t need anymore time playing consoles/ con souls :0)

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If it works in mobile for kids these days, otherwise it's just a nostalgia garden for 80s/90s retro people.

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Kids who are not attending school are ‘supposed to be’ doing home schooling. Very little seems to be doing done to accomplish this. If there was, these “cooped up kids” would be too busy to play retro games. The BOE has had a month to get their act together and get some kind of distance learning program in place. Their answer is to start the new school year in September. One can only hope that responsible parents are taking control of their children’s education and not letting their brains rot in front of a video game.

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