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Game on: Sony re-enters VR headset fray


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"Aside from gaming, it does not yet offer a sufficient content lineup for people to be attracted to this technology on a regular basis," he said.

So, let's all go outdoors and do a bit of hiking and biking for better health. Agree!

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It’s another of old and niche technology newly propagated again in waves, every some years or decades newly thrown into market as a test balloon in the hope next time it will become a sellable product. For those headsets it’s already the third wave. That’s like with those EV cars, they aren’t new too, in contrary, the first developed test cars more than hundred years ago, they were already battery cars, but quickly lost against combustion motors then, and there is a reason too, that they are also now still not as widespread as propaganda demands.

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*Keep talking. SONY s still one of the best companies in the world. SONY = excellence*.

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Right! Here’s what all these tech people don’t get. Our eyes are the best machine ever created for vision. People are inherently lazy.we don’t want to spent time putting headsets on, to play a short time. Putting these two together and 99% of gamers can’t be bothered to fart about putting on this stuff, especially when they can play 8 hours on a normal PlayStation. It’s the reason 3DTVs failed too. Our eyes do all the work we really want. We don’t want to spend time setting up this stuff and frankly the games aren’t all there.

This tech could be used for history ,and take kids back in time, or take them to places they could never go. Or maybe some applications in some work environments. There has been some good work done in PTSD and phobias using this tech. Maybe that’s a better place to sell it.

This reminds me of that silly place where we were supposed to be living in virtual places online. Afterlife! We have a brain, two eyes, and the TV ,together does the job just fine.

a bunch of techies trying to justify their job.

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PC gamers vs console gamers. The saying goes console gamers would rather chill on a sofa than having to set up a whole gaming desk, keyboard and mouse.

With that in mind, why would companies expect console gamers to spend an extra $500+, just so they can get out of the comfort of the comfort of their couch?

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Bought it for Gran Turismo. I tried PSVR long time ago with it and I loved the experience. I’ve been waiting for an improved version before I spend money on it and here it is.

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Metaquest 2 is awesome and contrary to what the article mentions, game library is huge with many free games and experiences, with application that allow you to share much more than just a videocall, kept updated (gone more multitask this last year, new environment, reduced consumption, ..). Prices get reduced for older games or apps.

It is independent, meaning you need no TV and no PC.

The current "flaws" :

Need too long time to launch it, about a minute.

A bit still bulky

Autonomy. Need extra 2 hours but this can already mitigated by buying specific additional head battery. And one can remain connected making autonomy none of any issue.

Minimal free space around you. My bedroom which is not small is not adapted because bed makes all space no flat...

If you have the chance to get a nice living room where one annoys no one by moves or noises, that is perfect.

I am adept at 3d jigsaws, which is if you have not tried, way beyhond what you may think.

Some experiences or games have created new concepts for space mixed to time.

No one likes all apps, but there are necessarily apps you will love.

Watching videos is also another level, especially for great movies (screen size so large you reduce it, choice of watching environment, sound).

Also the fact that yet there are VR sets with different OS makes many customers lost. One wants to keep his games availables for many years, whatever change of technology happens. Makes me thing of the competition between the videocassettes types in older times.

Meta is leading internationally from far VR, objectively speaking. Article did not want to say it because Sony you know...

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Well done Sony, move forward..

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"Aside from gaming, it does not yet offer a sufficient content lineup for people to be attracted to this technology on a regular basis," he said.

Time for the porn industry to step in and save the day, again.

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Sony could be major player in many things, but it suffers from weak Japanese leadership (typical) with no vision, gun shy and no follow through.

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I have the PSVR and some really good games for it. But to be honest, I don't play them that much unless i really want to feel fully immersed while gaming. Which is not very often... Astro Bot Rescue mission was an absolute joy to play, but so sad when I finished. Wipeout Omega collection was already on my system, and the VR update made it AMAZING. Really wish there was PSVR support for Elite Dangerous, but no luck. I am looking forward to the PSVR2 but hope there will be great games for it that last as long as flat games. Not many out there. Usually many are too short with little replay value.

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So much ignorance when it's Sony, when it's a Japanese company.

If you have half a brain, you would understand that Sony PSVR2 is an experience that can only be replicated on PC that cost as much as 3x PS5! That's right. Please do your own research to find out the cost, find out the truth! Not just anti-Japan, anti-Sony lies.

Headset similar to PSVR2 will cost 2x as much, easy. 4k, HDR, eye tracking! Advanced controller using next gen adaptive feedback, controller and headset has it.

You want eye tracking? MetaQuest 2 don't have it. Will next gen MetaQuest 3 have eye tracking, coming this year? No! Still no eye tracking! If you want Eye tracking from Meta it's called the Pro version! Headset alone cost $1500! Dollars too.

For the ignorant out there..... Playstation console using Liquid Metal cooling, does better then a 3090Ti in VR! Western publisher said it! Creator for games working for USA company confirmed this.

Playstation controller for Console.... Is truly Next generation! Compare to Xbox cube trash controller. Microsoft still using first generation controller and vibration in 2023! Garbage! Do your GamePass at huge discounts, only way to win against Sony! Microsoft gave up on hardware! Not even trying anymore.

You want the future of Console and VR at a bargaining price, Sony is the way to go! !

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But one aspect of the Sony gadget that will not revolutionize the market is the price -- weighing in at $550

No surprise, Sony products always have been slightly more expensive throughout decades. from Sony walkmans to Xperia phones & we still miss them.

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$550 is roughly the price of an Occulus, or even a little cheaper, although you of course also need a PS5 to use the PSVR.

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What about Nintendo? It's a Japanese company.

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Anyone who has played Half-Life: Alyx will understand what VR can be. That was years ago already. It hasn't been advancing THAT quickly, and I still have yet to enjoy an experience as fun as that.

I enjoy using my Quest a few times a week. There are always new fun short experiences to have in VR. It's just hard to crack the market. Meta did a pretty good job inching people close and making it more viable, but I don't think Sony's approach is there yet. Quest is offered cheaper, and gives you power over how to use it. Whether tethering to a PC, or using its own hardware/software. Sony is too exclusive.

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Consoles are geared towards people who want high quality affordable gaming systems without dumping thousands into a single PC. A co-worker of mine is already saving to drop literally $1200 on a VR capable graphics card, then an additional $1800 on a seperate VR headset alone for his gaming PC.

I will be eventually getting the PSVR2 and will have access to good VR for about $1100 total. $550 for my PS5 (and a lot of free games I could upgrade from the PS4) and then $550 for the PSVR2. I'll be able to take some trips overseas after that.... him on the other hand probably won't be going out of the country for quite a few years.

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Meta Quest 2 has already sold 15 million units - by far more than double the next competitor in a smaller time frame. So that's what people are used to now; that's become the go-to VR; the #1 app on Christmas 2021; what's captured the zeitgeist. When ya mention VR, that's the first thing people think of

Stand-alone, wireless, no cables attached to a machine - for $400-$500 total. Can take it with you on trips and parties since you're not tethered

Better but more expensive VR headsets have already tried, but most people look for best value: good enough specs for good enough price

Optionally, ya can still attach it to a PC for better VR experience. PC has the most apps, not just games

It'll be very hard to catch up to that lead

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