Game over for English tech jargon as France overhauls rules


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The French take themselves so serious,butt off how people want say thing you

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Only France needs an institution like the Academy Francaise to “protect” the purity of the language, despite the reality that languages evolve. They are attempting to preserve it in aspic.

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Like King Canute, Cnut, Knut, the French will discover that language cannot be legislated. The waves of words will just keep rolling along regardless.

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The overall idea, said the ministry, was to allow the population to communicate more easily

By promoting extra terms that nobody is already using and making it forbidden to use what everybody already knows? not the best way to read that end.

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butt off how people want say thing you

Well right here is an example of some brand spanking new jargon.

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It's kind of disappointing to see how little faith the French officialdom have in the strength of their own culture. And "Centuries-old language watchdog the Academie Francaise" cannot be very astute if it thinks ANYONE, particularly the young, will be willing to replace a two syllable word with a whole mouthful of syllables just to please a bunch of venerable curmudgeons. If the French are the French portrayed in their dramas, these short, concise words will gain even MORE popularity...

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I often feel like the French overuse English words, more so than Quebeckers, so I tend to see this as a positive thing, though I also think people should be able to say what they want...

"streamer" is transformed into "joueur-animateur en direct"

eSports", which will now be translated as "jeu video de competition".

These seem silly! Can't they come up with better words?

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I remember when emails first appeared, my French friend would always say 'courriel electronique'.... now I think the French just say email like the rest of us.

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Raw Beer, nope, it has to be a grammatically correct form of classical French! Just to ensure that nobody uses it and then the Academicians can justify them selves by deploring the undermining of French by the dreaded Anglo-Saxons, who actually couldn’t give a monkeys either way and will blithely go their own linguistic way borrowing, inventing, adapting and discarding words as they go!

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Wonder if they call a Bic Mac "Gros Mec"

French slang for Big pimp

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