Game over for gamers? UK studios count Brexit costs

By Kilian FICHOU

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It's seemingly overshadowed by Japan and the US, but the UK has a rich history of making exciting, innovative games going back to microcomputers in the 1980's. I, for one, have greatly enjoyed the output of Rare games on the NES and SNES. Hopefully Brexit won't be the end of this great tradition.

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Don’t most game makers have the ability to make games from the comfort of their living-rooms?

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This article is a load of tosh!

The gaming industry won't be affected by Brexit in the slightest, given that most consoles are PS4 and PC's built for online games.

Brexit can't come quick enough!

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Anything to demonize brexit.

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"I could hire the best people from across the EU and I could bring them over to work with my teams,"

"If those rules now get extended to the EU as well, it's going to make our job of recruiting much much harder."

Nonsense! There are quite literally thousands of young Brits with all the knowledge, skill and passion necessary for this job who are fighting tooth and nail to get hired, but no-one is giving them a chance? Why? Because the companies are looking to recruit from abroad as well, to take advantage of people who don't have enough English proficiency to argue the minimum wage, long hours and inadequate working conditions. They'd rather hire people who practically sign up to be slaves, rather than people who want to be paid and treated fairly for the job they do. As a result, many of these young Brits have to take a gamble on developing independently, where they have a lot less protection from copyright violations and other underhanded tactics employed by larger, money-hungry companies. Either that, or else give up on their dreams. This isn't fair. Games developers are hurting people, taking advantage of the vulnerable, and now they're seeking to blame Brexit for getting in the way of their inhuman practices. Serves them right! Treat people like people, not like machines. Stop being so heartless and start employing the people who are working hardest to get a job in the industry. There are thousands of potential employees in Britain alone, and Brexit will not change anything about the number of available candidates. If you're going to lie, at least try to make it convincing.

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Why do these people waste their life playing GAMES?!?

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Seriously? The issue is GAMES? Humanity is weird!!!!!

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Note to anyone who doesn't get what I'm saying...I'm saying that spending more than an hour a day on GAMES is wasting the precious time you have to live. And if you think doing this is precious time...then you are lost.

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I know the person who developed one of the games mentioned in this article, and I also know he voted for Brexit. So much for this story's credibility.

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buzzyboy - it's all about perspective.

I play games because I don't want to play in the real world. I drive hundreds of miles each week with my job, and love sitting in my comfy chair, glass of my favourite drink next to me, not having to talk to anyone or spend money!

I certainly don't see it as a waste of time!

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Developing games is more than just typing codes - some coders are more talented than others (i.e. they write better code and better designs)

There's only so many games ya can develop a year - if ya can't recruit the top talents, ya could be stuck in development hell for months or years without earning revenue back (if ya can even survive that long without revenue while still paying expenses)

Top AAA games require staff working together tight-knit as a team - can't just outsource it to all parts of the globe

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No, I would counter that a hard Brexit would actually benefit these development centers - particularly if the pound collapses - which would be a super windfall to the UK economy, and has been long overdue.

Made if Britain, sold everywhere else in the World undercutting India, Vietnam, China, etc.

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If the pound collapses, programmers wouldn't want to be paid in pounds because they wouldn't have as much earning power compared to their peers in Europe

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they wouldn't have as much earning power compared to their peers in Europe

Where in Europe?

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they wouldn't have as much earning power compared to their peers in Europe

Where in Europe?

Depends how much (if) the pound collapses

Certainly in countries that would be doing better than the UK

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