Gamers snap up first deliveries of PS4 game console


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It somehow feels wrong that the US gets first dibs on the PS4 when it was created in Japan...

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Even Hong Kong gets it before Japan... So wrong!!

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when it was created in Japan

It was designed in the USA, by an american team...

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The ps4 was not only designed in the us. It was also designed in Japan.

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I didn't realize that an American headed the team, but that said, Sony is a Japanese company, not an American one. They hired an American to head the team which involved more than just Americans. Sony has ignored it's own country to get more of a foothold in North America. While I don't blame them for trying to break more into the NA market, there really is not good reason why the decided to ignore their customers in Japan.

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Design was multinational and involved many teams in the us and Japan.****

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Oh shoot, should I repeat myself? It was designed in the USA, by an American team. They collaborated strongly with non Japanese game developers, that's why it can play all those major games"not invented here". Do you realise that almost nobody in Japan knows about all these major hit games sold in the USA and Europe?

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SONY is an international company so of course the use their best international resources.

As for the late release in Japan, glad of it by that time most bugs will be fixed and the price should have dropped plus a good game library available.

Still having fun with my PS3.

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