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GM, Honda partner on fuel cell vehicle development


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Don't hold your breath...

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Ah So. You are probably right. This technology has been around a long time and nothing has come of it. Imagine if the internal combustion engine had taken so long to put on the market. What is taking so long??? Big oil lobbies most likely.

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Don't hold your breath...

Honda and GM are just playing catch-up to Toyota, who say they'll have an 'affordable' product in 2015.

What is taking so long??? Big oil lobbies most likely.

Don'tcha hate Big Oil? Hydrogen is the tech to wean them off fossil fuel, though, using existing infrastructure. Wouldn't it be great if we could bitch about Big Hydrogen instead?

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I don't know about other reviewers, but James on Top Gear a while back thought the FCX Clarity was a great car. I must admit, it looked pretty good.

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