Go grandmaster says computers 'cannot be defeated'

By Ed Jones

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The whole notion that a human playing a computer at Go, or chess, is taking place on any kind of level playing field and the human has therefore been "defeated" when the computer "wins" is utterly false. Humans should stop worrying about comparing their performances to those of a computer, and the likes of Google should stop perverting the idea of a true contest between equals with these ridiculous matches between flesh and blood on one hand and a complex array of microchips and algorithms on the other.

Mr. Lee Se-Dol should rest easy and not regard his accomplishments as being in any way diminished by this false comparison.

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Every human has flaws, so have machines.

Just different types.

Go and watch some Terminator or Matrix movies ;)

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Hmm, my comment got a downvote. Looks like a computer has been reading this article - and it doesn't like what I said.

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Hmm, my comment got a downvote. Looks like a computer has been reading this article - and it doesn't like what I said.

Probably because you didn't criticize a South Korean.

Although I'm not sure why it is a "perversion" - both are playing by the same rules, just one plays better.

These stories are also fascinating beyond the basic story about Go, but about the limits of human intelligence Vs AI. Because of the way that computers have traditionally worked, they plotted every move and worked out all the combinations.

This was relatively easy in a game with limited moves, such as chess, but with go, there are more possible moves than a computer can deal with. The algorithm is thinking more like a human brain - from scenarios and experience, and this is what makes it so fascinating.

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Probably because you didn't criticize a South Korean.

Aaaand the rest of your comment is completely invalidated after this. This article is not about these politics. Funny how some JT’ers can get so riled up about J or SK issues when you’re not even from either of those countries.

I’ve said it before and will say it again - most JT’ers (especially gaijin) should spend tenfold of their efforts being prima donnas here on rather trying to fix the undoubtedly very ample problems in their own home countries (especially Americans) before smugly commenting and judging J issues.

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This is just... stupid.

If it was always about humans being superior, then why would anyone still compete or train in the marathon, or the 100m dash? Why would anyone do weightlifting?

After all, machines can and have done those things better than humans for hundreds if not thousands of years.

So for this guy to basically throw an ego pity party is just ridiculous.

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When robots rule the world, how will we be able to defeat them?

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The way I beat the Computer, is by playing against the standard routine way of playing, and being unexpected. Admittedly that approach within a rule based game, works some of the time.

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I usually switch machine off before end of game to win ;)

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