Gobble gobble: Pac-Man turns 40

By Richard CARTER

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Happy birthday Pac-Man !!..

Thank you so much, Iwatani San !! ..

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Ms. Pac-Man was the bomb.

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Played this in the 80s as a kid. It is actually a great game. Doesn't work on consoles or handheld devices, but in a standup arcade machine it was excellent.

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@Serrano - Yes, it was the bomb. However, Pac-Man is and will be a classic, next to Donkey Kong and Space Invaders. I enjoyed playing them in the arcades and with my Atari 2600. Anybody remember Atari?

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Ms. Pacman gobbled a lot of my money. Oh, how I wished I had invested in Microsoft, Apple, or anything at that time...

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Wasted a lot of money playing those machines as a child.

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Classic game although I was better at Phoenix.

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And Still a virgin at 40. Even Henry the Hoover has a wife named Hetty.

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And Still a virgin at 40. Even Henry the Hoover has a wife named Hetty.

Surely he is married to Ms Pacman? After all, they've got the same name.

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Pac-Man, Mrs. Pac-Man, Pac-Man Jr., Super Pac-Man, Prof. Pac-Man, Pac-Man 3-D, I've played them all! I play a small arcade version at home now although the original size is better.

The top Ten hit 'Pac-Man Fever', a cartoon cable TV show, now it's in cosplay. A phenomena for my Generation X and since. This is like STAR WARS, the Beatles, Miami Vice. This is CULTURE.

When I was learning computer programming language courses in college for my degree, the Pac-Man game principals were utilized towards learning how to solve problems step by step and how to write the right code for it. The game idea itself is now used as a template for university students to study and learn how to 'work the next step' and what words (in the programming language) to write so that you can achieve the results you're desiring and what to do next. I had some great fun learning the logical 'inside-outs' of that and there's a lot of work involved.

The man who brought it all out to us, NAMCO President Masaya Nakamura (the 'Father of Pac-Man') passed away at age 91 in 2017 (God rest his soul) and Toru Iwatani is still living.

The game has truly enriched, entertained and changed my life and others as well in so many ways.

Happy Birthday Pac-Man/Puckman!

Domo Arigato Toru Iwatani and Masaya Nakamura!

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