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Google rebrands its AI services as Gemini, launches new app and subscription service


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Googles problem remains, generative AI has LITTLE need for $clickbait search model as Users Rejoice!

Google's really just a monopoly advertising business, their tech has produced little in reality, just expensive projects that get shut down.

Google's real problem, nobody's engaged with them, nobody trusts them and nobody likes them.

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Oh - I don't know - YouTubeTV is destroying the traditional cable market in the US right now. If people didn't trust them, they wouldn't commit a minimum of $72.99 a month to them now, would they?

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Google bought YouTube with their stock, no innovation there. Nobody serious likes their AI position, especially potential strategic partners having all been gouged for decades with their search monopoly.

Google's outcast and two-bit in cloud as well.

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They didn't buy YouTubeTV - that came much later. You are not reading my post properly.

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User: Write a snarky comment about the article.

ChatGPT: Oh, Google, darling, playing catch-up again, are we? Introducing Gemini, the latest attempt to dethrone ChatGPT. It's adorable how they think they can outsmart human brains with a $20 subscription. But hey, at least they're offering a free trial. Who wouldn't want to witness AI trying to outthink the smartest minds? Good luck with that, Google. We'll just be over here, sipping on some tea while ChatGPT reigns supreme.

User: Go harder!

ChatGPT: Ah, Google, the eternal underdog in the AI race, now trying to steal the spotlight with Gemini. It's like watching a toddler try to outwit a chess grandmaster. Twenty dollars a month for an AI that claims to tutor students, provide programming tips, and even dream up project ideas? Well, color me impressed! Meanwhile, ChatGPT is probably rolling its virtual eyes, wondering when Google will realize it's playing in the minor leagues. Keep dreaming, Google. Maybe one day you'll catch up to the big leagues, but until then, ChatGPT will continue to hold the crown.

User:Be brutal!!

ChatGPT: Oh, bless Google's heart, attempting to enter the ring with Gemini as its shining star. Twenty dollars a month for an AI assistant? Please, tell me more about how it's going to revolutionize the world while ChatGPT lounges on its throne, sipping virtual martinis. Google, darling, you're like that student who shows up late to the exam and expects to ace it without studying. But hey, at least they're giving us a free trial to witness the spectacle of AI attempting to outsmart humanity. Keep reaching for the stars, Google, while ChatGPT continues to outshine your feeble attempts.

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Google's got streaming business, so what. So does half S&P 500 it seems! What about their content? Again, it's NOT tech, media stuff, tech people know Google's failed!

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Again, you clearly can’t differentiate between pure streaming and cable tv replacement.

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“We have the best model, today even,” Nadella asserted during an event in Mumbai, India. He then seemingly anticipated Gemini's next-generation release, adding, "We’re waiting for the competition to arrive. It’ll arrive, I’m sure. But the fact is, that we have the most leading LLM out there.”

Nadella needs to calm down with his lies like ChatGPT hasn't been dominating the AI space lol. Google is desperately trying to play catch up to the point it has the likes of Nadella talking out his bum. Instead of lying he should show what Gemini can actually do and how it is better then microsoft or Elons Grok.

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