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Google's artificially intelligent 'Bard' set for next stage


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That's because Google's dominant search engine has become a de facto gateway to the internet for billions of people, raising the risk of a massive backlash that could tarnish its image and undercut its ad-driven business if the technology behaves badly.

The financial interests of market capitalism will both push and retard the development of AGI.

Until the crowd-sourced , open architecture could break free and reach a tipping point sometimes referred to as a Singularity.


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Highly probable the next useless toy, so let’s have some fun. Those chat bots aren’t capable of so much and make more errors than they bring good results. Yesterday I had a problem with that famous wordless puzzle, for example. But neither I nor the bit could solve it, even after many dialogs and trials. The bit didn’t even abide at all to the prompt instructions and made a lot of mistakes. And finding a simple five letter word should be an easy task, shouldn’t it? It’s even a lot worse if you let it generate some program code or give it a some simple math tasks. In fact, they are so far useless and time consuming toys. Also more sophisticated internet searches bring often no usable results. It’s of course brilliant when it is only used for what their names imply, some chatting conversations. That is something they already can master in most cases. And all that’s of course easy to understand, as they are all human made and operate with weight matrices or even limitations due to constraints. But hopefully this one , which I still couldn’t test, can surprise me a little bit more, let’s see.

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AI introduces unreliability into reliable systems, cannot contextualise and has functionality ceilings. Like Blockchain, it will have its uses, but has to go through the initial explosion of overpromising and underdelivering first, before it drops out of the news and becomes a geek tool.

quote: the technology likened an Associated Press reporter to Hitler and tried to persuade a New York Times reporter to divorce his wife.

LOL. Might want to remove Trump's speeches from the original text resource.

This stuff is usually based on large repositories of unreliable, out of date and all-too-human text, internet content being the least reliable.

They are putting their reputations on the line for something that is going to endlessly mess up. Looking forward to seeing the best ones go viral on social media.

Over time, we may be able to determine where we can seed 'anomalous' data for it to be recycled by Google Banter and Microsoft Clippy TNG. 4chan used to be good at this. Enough uploads in the right place by enough people, and we could convince these services that the capital of Japan is Basildon.

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