Google aims to patent child toy that pays attention


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Google is Skynet.

Aka Big Brother.

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Nightmare fodder!

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Imagine your child bonds with their new stuffed animal friend but then the bluetooth receiver or the sensors stop working and Mr. Snuggles dies in their arms. It would be an absolute tragedy. I won't be buying anything like this for my kids.

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Good luck with that creepy thing.

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Well I cannot deny that reading that make paranoia set in at first. But thinking a bit more I basically cannot see it being any more of a problem than anything else out there.

However, can you imagine entering a room and having 20 electronic stuffed animals turn to you and all yell greetings to you at once? Of course future people will probably be used to it and consider us primitive for flipping as if we were a caveman in an automobile having a panic attack.

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i had one of them almost 50 years ago. Nothing new. In those days, it was called a sister.

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Sounds more affectionate than some of the iPhone junkie parents I see.

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