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Google CEO slams 'completely unacceptable' Gemini AI errors


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There couldn’t have been people with different skin colours in a racist nazi army. However there could have been many jews in the nazi army since they can’t know someone’s religion.

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If you think this was a "technical issue", do you seriously think Google is not capable of generating a white man ? Or such error would escape the watch of an army of brilliant programmers and Q&A ? This was not a bug, this was THE design.

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completely unacceptable" errors by its Gemini AI app

What error?

This was done by design!

When asked to create an image of a "white" family Gemini responded it cannot make ethnic specific but offered a diversity family.

But when asked to create an image of a black family, it did it no hesitation.

But then we only have to read the tweets of Jack Krawczyk head of the project (formerly of We works)

"White privilege is f---ing real," Krawczyk wrote in a screenshot of one tweet dated April 13, 2018. "Don’t be an a---hole and act guilty about it – do your part in recognizing bias at all levels of egregious."

"I've been crying in intermittent bursts for the past 24 hours since casting my ballot. Filling in that Biden/Harris line felt cathartic."


He has plenty more rants at how horrible white people are!

There was no "error" in the AI there was an error in Google's judgement in hiring Jack Krawczyk to be en charge!

Anyone thinking this guy was not going to push his agenda into the programing needs to rethink their life decisions because if they missed this one coming they probably missed a lot more serious stuff

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More Globalist mind control, Google's one of their favorites, too bad shareholders suffer as do employees and society. Like Twitter at scale if you will, company's highjacked to pursue their social and political agenda.

Google has no goodwill anywhere as result, Companies cannot fathom partnering with them, their advertising, media & data model, that's the definition of corruption.

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@ Thuban In the Nazi military? Where did you study history? You'll be saying Hamas has gay fighters in Gaza next. Jeez.....

There probably were at least a few non-white people in the military of that size.

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No, in contrary, it all works very fine, error-free and exactly in line with the algorithms those machines are instructed to work with. The problem is, that it just can't and won't work properly which is mathematically intrinsic to the algorithms. In very simple terms, it works exact and perfect internally , but the resulting outputs are full of errors in our real world which is different and outside of those machines. Can't be helped, so put it all back into the desk drawers, where it btw had been almost untouched for several decades (1940's) and of course because of quite some obvious reasons.

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