Google challenges Apple with high-end laptop


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This is for power users we expect to live completely in the cloud

How many of us do that with our laptops? Not me. I most use my laptop for the field, where there is no wifi, hence no "cloud."

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^ what about 3G? I keep most of my stuff up in the air, either by wi-fi or 3G.

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It looks average and you can get a Google ChromeBook for $249. Backlit keyboard and glass touchpad are nice, -I'm not a big fan of messy touch screens except for cell and tablets.

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I wonder why the headline is Google challenges Apple? Why not Google challenges Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard and Apple. They all make laptops. And because the other manufacturers make Chromebooks, it's more of a direct challenge to them.

I think Chrome will have a hard time getting any market share. It will take time for developers to get on board.

Also, I don't think people want a touch screen laptop. Touching the screen for any amount of time will be tiring.

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They aren't throwing down a gauntlet, they're trying to pick up the one Apple threw down ages ago.

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They aren't throwing down a gauntlet, they're trying to pick up the one Apple threw down ages ago.

I didn't realize that Apple Air and Powerbooks have touchscreens and an OS built around cloud computing.

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@JeffLee You say these things as if they are good things.

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High end is not 300 dollars and a intel celeron chip, the author of this article does not get the point of the chromebook, it is a cloud based computer that has all its disc space and apps in the cloud not a high end pricey mac.

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Poop on a stick.

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People don't buy laptops to get a touch screen - they buy laptops because they don't like depending on a touch screen. Touchscreens are fine for those who want them, and they have tablets with accessory keyboards if they need them. This thing will be a niche producrt with low sales and dead in a year. As for Google Chrome Senior VP's comment 'People will give up a MacBook Air for this,' did he really say that? I'm not saying one OS is better than the other (despite my personal preference) but does he really think Mac users will give up the OS they love and all the software they are familiar with to get a touch screen glued onto an Apple lookalike keyboard running Chrome? Maybe using that logic a Windows machine with a slot for making toast or pressing trousers might tempt them away as well.

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I wonder how useful these machines are. Can I install and use MPI, FFTW, BLAS etc? If not, I won't be able to do any work on it and it will be nothing more than an expensive toy.

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The Google new laptop is no way comparable with any of Apple mac laptops. And more over the price is too high. I am sure it will be big failure in Google history.

The world is entering to a new era that killed desktops/laptop and heading towards tablets; where Google is trying to enter the laptop market. Meaning this google laptop is only usable in connected environment and then how come it is useful for tech savvy people and yet we will have enormous problems in connecting printers/cameras and other devises with this new laptop

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yet we will have enormous problems in connecting printers/cameras and other devises with this new laptop

ipad anyone?

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All the Apple verses Microsoft verses Google arguments aside, I can't see more than a hand full of people rushing to spend this type of money for a touch screen hybrid. I use my laptop on the road, I can't wait until I am "connected" to work projects and documents, i need them resident on my machine. The cloud is great for someone who never leaves their living room, Starbucks,shopping mall triangle, but does not work so well when you venture out in the real world. The cloud will improve in the future, but I think it will be a very long time before there is no need for resident programs and data storage capability on computers. It just does not pass the giggle test.

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Big fingers do not work well with touch screens, they are not reliable enough, especially for typical small target 'buttons.' You spend way too much time back-spacing and re-typing.

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This is basically a browser with a nice screen, isn't it?

This article should have "Advertisement" at the top.

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I agree with Wanderlust.

Touch screens are not an advantage on a laptop. Your fingers are already on the keyboard. Moving them off the keyboard and on to the screen and back again, glancing down to check that your fingers are in the right place is going to wear a little thin after a while.

Mind you, your forearm is going to get more exercise.

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It makes more sense to buy an iPad and a detachable cover.

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the best analysis of the stupidity of guugle with the pixel kromebook is at:,2817,2415756,00.asp

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Cloud is nice for storage, but it's obviously not ready for full applications like Word, Excel, Photoshop, Sony Vegas, etc. So you might as well give up on using those on a laptop if you go with Google. That goes for a lot of smaller software programs you might use from time to time unless they all produce cloud based services. Even if some do it will take years for it to be commonplace.

Too soon IMHO.

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