Google chief defends Android in court


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Google dod originally buy android os before buildong upon it.. funny how Laery has to counter the iphone in his defense.. it would of been interesring to see him talk, the way he talks sounds like kermit the frog

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"while Page seemed cautious and evasive, causing the judge to prompt him to directly answer yes-or-no questions"

Other sources describe Ellison as appearing "flustered". He was also prompted to answer with a "yes or no" by the judge.

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Didn't dam spell check errors typed from an android phone!

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and the point is???

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I wouldn't be surprised if Larry Ellison is suing Google to pay back parts of their Sun acquisition. Android is based on Linux, I'm not sure why they complain about a Java kernel. If Oracle win, I guess lots of companies will want to migrate from Java to something else, to prevent potential lawsuits. Ellison is known to be a jerk too.

He was a very good friend of Steve Jobs, who hated Google with a passion, and wanted to go nuclear because of Android.

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tabana - yes, at the lowest level Android runs on the Linux kernel. The kernel takes care of the hardware interface (screen, storage, keyboard, etc) access, and provides a standardised access method for the running Java virtual machines, which take care of the user interface (basically everything you see on the screen, including about 60% of the app software).

"Android" is only from the Java machine up, and this way it can run on a variety of hardware, as long as an appropriate kernel is provided by the vendor.

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“We did nothing wrong,” Page said as he dueled with an Oracle attorney. “We are very careful about what information we use and do not use.”

Too bad you're not as careful with the information you readily leak and/or readily give away, as well as use to track people.

Oh, and you DID do something very wrong on top of that -- created an inferior product, and you know it -- hence you had to point to iPhone as a model of success. Good going!

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smith - Android is free for everyone to use, and opensource... There is no secret user tracking/info leaking technology in the Google products, but in dishonest third party apps... iPhones were the ones with software disclosing everything what the user did, remember?

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ebisen: I got the astroturfing alarm going on.

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