Google co-founders step down as execs of parent Alphabet


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Interesting, wonder if there's stuff going behind the scenes.

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They retain 51% of BoD voting control, so overriding any decisions is still in their capability.

Google employees are being convinced to unionize. No management wants that hassle. It will spread to all Alphabet groups.

This isn't really any change. Google will still stop support on fully working devices years before they break. Just ask anyone using any google-home devices, smartphones, or chromebooks.

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Back in the early days we welcomed Google for its plain intrusive interface, and we were naive. Now-a-days we know Google, just like others similar to it, are data grabbing, and reselling.


Is currently the favored search engine for the careful masses...

I wonder how long before it too turns to the Dark side ?

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That should have been "plain un-intrusive...."

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@zichi - sure if... you believe that really helps these days, other than being simply cosmetic make-believe....

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Is there a proven independent verification that all these configuration options are adhered to ?

I am dubious. And, I have actually experienced a case where although all my communication settings were set to off, I still received a marketing blurb (after a year or so later... so no, wasn't a timing issue).

The old age addage - "There's no such thing as a Free Lunch" springs to mind, and I think we need to bare that in mind with all things Tech.. Tech is still the Wild-wild-West of today's daily Life, Laws and Regulations are slowly catching up, but... enforcement, and the dynamic change of Tech's nature are the challenges.

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Before going public they already had 150 lawyers on retainer. Good idea, legal representation before committing a crime. Overall they're hideous. Protect oneself from bad companies.

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Retiring in their 40s

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