Google discontinues Google Translate in mainland China


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Google Translate is really good! Try it if you haven't.

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No great loss. Google translate is garbage. Use deepl. Way better than Google translate!

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Wasn't it being used to bypass Chinese restrictions on what sites people can see, like a proxy or a VPN?

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Google translate isn't desperately accurate across some language barriers, especially Western/Eastern. But it is still very useful, especially to people in dictatorships. As it costs very little to maintain a service, particularly if it isn't used much, I find it difficult to believe that they are removing it for the reason that they say they are. It can act as a proxy VPN, as kohakuebisu says, which may be why it is going. Google should not be helping to imprison the Chinese people, as closing translate there does.

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The Chinese government does not want the people to know what is happening in Ukraine or the rest of the outside world. It is hard to get the Chinese people riled up about the possible annexing of Taiwan if they know that the US superior weapons would more than likely humiliate the Chinese military which mostly uses Russian-based weaponary.

They also do not want people to find out about how the West has describe China's current economic situation.

Not to mention the current uprising around the world has the CCP concerned.

The CCP wants to be the only source of information to better focus their propaganda!

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Another one bite the dust. Let the decoupling continue. The only question is, when will the west ban Chinese cars, social media (like Tik Tok) and other security sensitive products like EV batteries, surveillance equipment, cloud services etc.

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Thanks Bertie. Will look it up. Chaganju.

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Nothing was lost, China does not need Google..

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"The U.S. technology firm’s has a fraught relationship with China. In 2010, Google pulled its search engine from the Chinese market after it became unwilling to abide by the country’s censorship rules."

If the general awareness of the rest of the world in China is anything like the general awareness of the rest of the world in the U.S., 'censorship' is completely unnecessary. And if Chinese media is as dishonest as Western media and the Chinese people are as gullible as Westerners, 'censorship' is twice as unnecessary

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Google Translate is blocked by a number of Companies in Japan. The reason being, is that there is the potential for Sensitive information to flow out from those Companies onto Servers owned by Google and potentially leaked to elsewhere.

I've noticed that other online Translation Services are also subjected to the same blocking.

And when you're in China, if you are attempting to access any service outside of the Country, it's either blocked, or really very very slow. Using a VPN doesn't always work too....

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