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Google enhances encryption technology for email


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It really is quite astounding when you think about it. It is routine news for tech companies to report that they have improved their systems to stop the government using mass surveillance to spy on us. Governments no longer bother denying it. Soon there will be annual award galas for tech companies who have developed the best systems to prevent our own Governments spying on us.

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Even mailing an old fashioned letter via "snail mail" is much more secure than using email these days.

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Too late, too little.

Google only announced that they will use TSL/SSL when exchanging data between Gmail data centers. This will make MITM (man-in-the-middle) attacks a bit difficult. That's all.

It's a well-known fact that GCHQ intercepts Google and Yahoo Cloud data hosted in U.K. and sends it to NSA data centers. Encrypted data are decrypted in Utah Data Center powered by the "Code-Breaking Supercomputer Platform".


NSA should already have all Google encryption keys in their massive databases (Key Provisioning Service data). If they are missing any key they can always get it with a warrant.

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Kindly start voting for governments that stop selling you out. Thanks

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And Google doesn't even know yet how China or Russia are tapping their data. So be afraid.

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After long time Google enhance encryption technology, many business people already suffering from data loss or hack in china and russia. Hope government will take some good action.

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Anyone with half a clue already knows not to trust the servers and to use end-to-end encryption if you care about your privacy.

Most of us just don't quite care about privacy enough to switch over.

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