Google enters battle for cloud gaming market


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And in 2-4 yrs, Google will kill off the service, just like they did with G+, Hangouts, Google-Reader, and 50 other services.

The times I like to game are rainy weekends, which also happens to be the time when the internet goes out, so a streamed game won't work.

Also, Stadia Games are supposed to be streamed at 4K resolution, which will use up my monthly bandwidth cap before the month ends. Come the 25th of the month, I'll get hit with a over-bandwidth charge from the ISP.

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Google YouTube have also made major changes to the site. Users need to update. I think free content will end in the near future with Google Ads on all videos. They need vast storage for the video data and now want to dump that does not earn them money.

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Judging by Google's... interesting history of killing services, this isn't a real competitor to Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft. A cool idea, though.

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We're already testing out both Stadia and xCloud

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