Google, Facebook business models threat to rights: Amnesty report


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"Facebook's business model is not, as your summary suggests, driven by the collection of data about people."

Pigs with the Cambridge Analytica logo just flew over my house.

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Moogle and Fakebook are in business because they rely on billions of naive fools...

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Pigs with the Cambridge Analytica logo just flew over my house.

Surveillance capitalism is profitable. Several years back I had a Facebook account which after not accessing for several weeks decided to check up on. After entering my password (the correct one) several times and being denied access, I got a message saying I needed to send a photocopy of either my state drivers license or my passport cover page to use my account again. That was around the time Cambridge Analytica was involved in attempts to push right wing agendas. I ignored them and forgot the account, never to use it again. I wonder how many people have been suckered by organizations profiting from Facebook's willingness to sell their personal data.

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I'm so glad I deleted facebook years ago, never looked back. I use duckduckgo instead of google and it's actually functionally better as it prioritises information and not shopping! It's not just those two though, it's how a lot of the net is operated and privacy needs to be put first

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Before Android phones, google had lots of anonymous data that couldn't be tied to real people. With a phone connected to the person's real name, all that random, anonymous data, gets tied to a real person.

Facebook was designed to let people check out each other's photos and hook up. If you are under 30, it is still that, but with ways for families to share the non-boring stuff ... as long as FB gets to see it all too. FB ties you to your family and friends, which is much more telling that even your name about what you like and don't like.

Try to live 2 days without giving either google or facebook any data. If you use a phone, tablet, computer, IoT device, you've failed. If your car is connected, you've failed. If you visit the doctor (leaving your phone at home, off), you might have failed.

This level of tracking needs to be illegal without explicit approval.

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Blockchain internet will correct it. Before google went public they already had 150 lawyers on retainer and I thought that company was going to be evil and they are.

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They're both private companies, they're not threatening anyone's 'human rights'. If you don't like them, don't use them.

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There used to see search engines like Alta Vista and galaxy when the internet first started out. Perhaps some digital trust-busting is in order.

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