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Google, Facebook consider buying Twitter


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Twitter is stupid and so is face book. LinkedIn doesn't help to find a new job. Blogging and making video is fun.

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I tried twitter once and within 30 seconds of setting up my account I was getting spam. No thanks.

If you are looking for a job be careful what you put on Facebook, they are watching.

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So then use facebook and twitter to market your blogs and videos?

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Goddog, LinkedIn is extremely useful, I use it almost daily and have both gained clients through it, learned a lot of very useful information, exchanged views and made valuable contacts. Can't say I've tried to find a new job through it, but as far as I can see that is far from being its primary purpose.

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Blogging is old hat and like an over-soaked business idea, is not worth the time it takes to write an article anymore. I use Facebook to keep in touch with old school friends, Twitter to generate hits to my websites and LinkedIn for the occasional ad. Does it serve any purpose? To a degree, but I have to agree, that these sites are over-rated for the most part.

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It's all about personal choice and what's good for them. One man's meat is another man's poison.

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Hmmm, Twitter?? I have not logged into my account for a few months now, what should I comment, something like it snowed here in Tokyo so I will brush my teeth for the 6th time today??

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