Google gives Gmail users more control over inboxes


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Why can't everyone be like Microsoft?

It won't be long before Google feels forced to offer a NEW version that defaults to some Hotmail standard. We are entering the age of commoditization. This brutal unification of interfaces and standardization based upon a single way of thinking about information. The tyranny imposed by dim-bulb l-users who just don't get it.

I admit that Gmail's interface is different, but it is good for what does. Now Gmail has to dumb things down just to get more users. It seems that the good old days that offered plenty of CHOICE to expand markets have given way to the CONVENIENCE of conformity.

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I admit that Gmail's interface is different, but it is good for what does. Now Gmail has to dumb things down just to get more users.

It's not about dumbing things down. Conversation view is rubbish and inconveniant. I have no idea why they started using it in the first place. Must have been the idea of someone high up so no-one below could say how stupid it was.

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OOh, I hate conversation view too. And it was a drawback when trying to persuaded people to open gmail accounts because they were used to outlook, yahoo, and other email software that does not bundle mail together. Now I only need to work out how to turn it off.

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Are you kidding? Conversation view is the best thing about gmail. It still sorts the most recent messages first, but it adds context by giving you the option to open up older messages in the thread.

It's especially convenient when you're looking at one email message getting forwarded and replied to a number of times. It hides the older messages you've already read, and pops open just the new bit. What's not to love?

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I love the conversation view. And labels and filters. I used to be an Outlook snob, but Gmail just works better.

Note also that this change is an option, nothing more. For those of us who like the current setup, nothing changes.

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Thank god, the conversations system was utterly and absolutely broken and it was always silly they gave you no option to turn it off. Everything else about gmail is wonderful.

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I have always found g-mail confusing to use, yet it is much more reliable than hotmail. I welcome the latest change, anything to make things easier to use is a boon.

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And there you have it! Some people love the conversation view, and others do not.

I am glad they are offering it as an option. This is what Microsoft has done with their Outlook (which I never liked), but now with Outlook Express (which I loved and used for years). Options are good. Options are good.

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I think Gmail is cool, just that a 3rd party can see what you are writing about is a bit creepy though.

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