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Google Glass eyewear lets winking snap pictures


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Being in Japan where a million and one kids tell you their name and where a million and one cute girls who all look the same as the next girl introduce themselves to you, it would be handy to have a set of those glasses with facial recognition, but for some reason Google are 110% against it.

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Never gonna fly in Japan as AFAIK current laws dictate that all forms of photography must have a "shutter sound" associated with them when taking a picture...

eg] Keitai's have no shutter but must have the shutter noise to make others aware when they are being used for "privacy" reasons..

It was also suggested that video cameras should also have a red light to show when video is being captured but I have been unable to get a definitive answer on if that is currently required - could see it being implemented for this application...

Can't say what's gonna happen the first time some cutie realizes that that perv on the train is winking at her while wearing his google glass...

How would you feel ?

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I don't see any good coming from this.

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Geez.... everyone under the sun seems to be blaming the world's woes on smart phones these days (even though many don't know 'smart phone' is not a name instead of a product), what's going to happen with people walking around with these things on?

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This is not a feature requirement for any person to be the walking embodiment of harassment technology or the NSA webcam scam, and to have paid for the privilege. This is crazy. +1 to any establishment that bans them. I heard some places are asking wearers to take them off, complete with a do-not circle. Hope it continues to be ostracized

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