Google has the next move as Microsoft embraces OpenAI buzz


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Before the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT was unleashed into the world, the novelist Robin Sloan was testing a similar AI writing assistant built by researchers at Google.

ChatGPT was the second order of business at WEF Davos after Ukraine.

The impact of GAN, LLM will probably be the biggest historical takeaway from 2023.

To quote Kurzweil, the Singularity is near.

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Yes, the technology is quite impressive at a first glance, but in fact it’s nothing new or extraordinarily impressive that would justify the hype about it. All those bots just only automatically do what also humans have done for centuries, but without own creativity. How were many books written? Yes, taking a few older ones and copying out of them and forming a new book. How does customer service write a letter to you? The staff chooses some text modules out of a pool of valid ones. How do most people write New Years’ greeting cards here? Choosing a template picture and a template text for the coming year and according to the Chinese zodiac. So there’s nothing mysterious about those systems like ChatGPT , DALL-e and their follow ups. They split the ordering command, search in the data pool and produce an output that’s calculated by probability and weight values, so often right but also sometimes wrong. The only thinkable danger is, that they might even replicate themselves with the known program code of themselves and somehow mutating into new bots with then new or other weightings and probability based output. Anyway, they don’t really create something like new thoughts or art like humans would do sometimes. And of course we still have access to their power switch, to turn them simply off again.

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