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Google launches trial of tap-to-pay phone system


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Oh they are debuting now. I think in Japan its available since last 7 years.

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Maybe Google just check out how the phones here in japan work.

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Way, way late to the e-wallet party. Kind of sad.

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The rest of the world says that our Japanese keitai have too many "useless" functions... then they start to emulate them because they become popular, while we dummy ours down here in Japan.

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There goes the last advantage of J-phones.

Except this one could go worldwide.

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This should be on all phones, or atleast a barcode you can stick on it that allows you to just swipe to pay.

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Heh! A little late to the party, eh? Japanese cell phones have been doing this for years.

Reminds me of when the first iPhone debuted here. No one could figure out what was so darned "smart" about it. They had crappy cameras, no infrared data transfer, couldn't be used to make electronic payments, and (this is the best part) couldn’t even copy and paste data.

So far, the only thing they’ve fixed is the cut and pasting problem.

Good luck to Google with this. Like another poster said, maybe they should just take a look at how Japanese phone companies do it with Eddy and ID payment services.

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