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Google opens smartphone wallets


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So they're introducing something similar to Edy. Hardly changing the world. No doubt the iWallet will follow soon, with users thinking it's revolutionary and Apple reinventing the wheel once more.

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Similar system already exists in Japan, doesn't it? Will this system became available in Japan? But I can't fined anything new.

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And everyone in the States is still busy asking, "Why would I ever want a wallet in my phone?"

It will take a while for them to come around, but they will.

Hope Google can roll it out for Japan soon.

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kaketama - Yeah, Japan has had it in convenience stores and plenty of other places for years. Nothing new in the world; just to the States (and maybe other countries that employ it).

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Great its bad enough they dont really care about your privacy and now wanting to stalk in further..

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I prefer Edy system better.

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