Google, Sony, Intel link up in web TV development


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All of the so called Web TV programs you can buy or download for free so far are crap. I hope this will work and it's good outside the states.

Broken links, looped video nothing of value. Yes I was taken by one of the so called Web TV programs.

"While we love the idea of free TV (who doesn't?), it never seems to be quite what we hoped. FreeZ Online TV is no exception. The channel selection is unimpressive and user guidance is nonexistent."

"Pay attention to the Cnet review." by rock3202 on April 22, 2010 Pros: No redeeming qualities. Cons: It's all a con.

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Your dream come true.

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even paid tv is actually a rip off. There are more ads on satellite and cable tv than on regular tv and half the channels are shopping channels. It is a scam these companies make you pay to watch ads and also charge the advertisers premium prices to run their ads.

It is the same with the rental movie business, you are paying for a movie, not for the 20-minute ads in the beginning which you cannot skip through.

I am against having cable or satellite tv at home unless the providers get their act together. Google tv will make sense if the service to your home is free. I mean cable companies should pay us to watch their offerings

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Finally someone takes on the Win-Apple-Money-Making cartel.

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Finally some1 takes on the "old world" media empire. Good riddance Time Warner et al.

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