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Google suspends Gemini AI chatbot's ability to generate pictures of people


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The image generation is extremely biased. It's quite shameful.


They are intentionally trying to minority-wash history.

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Gemini (the latest iteration from Google) casts an image of the composer JS Bach as a black man as to cast him as a white man wouldn’t be ….’inclusive’

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Can't just everyone calm down and colorize the AI output pixels with their own favorite color palette? Instead of useless complaining, show some minimum IQ, creativity or that you are at least capable of using a software tool like paint, Corel and such. lol

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Googles an advertising, streaming and media business, hardly tech. They're in a world of hurt in AI, their data is suboptimal, search biz under severe pressure etc.

Plus, NOBODY in Corp. World wants to do business with them, monopolists under anti-trust investigation, banned from major countries etc. Too much search $gouging for too long, time to pay the piper, reputation = in the toilet.

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