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Google teams with Oxford to teach machines to think


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to teach machines to think like people

I would hope they would set their sites a little higher...

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Exactly what I was thinking Farmboy!

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Reminds me of what James Cameron the director (terminator, aliens, avatar etc) said recently - Sky Network is already here.

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If flawed humans teach computers to think, won't these machines just make the same mistakes?

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We welcome our new computer overlords!

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This is good stuff. Exciting and a bit scary too, but that's ok. I wish them best of luck in their work.

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Am in the process of reading "Robot Uprisings," a series of stories compiled by Daniel H. Wilson & John Joseph Adams. It warns us, "Humans Beware," and goes on to give interesting stories about "thinking" robots that take over just about everything ... even we mortals.

So ... will the "thinking machines" eventually find a way to take over Google & Oxford and go on to take over other aspects of machine power?

For those of you who will still be here a half century from now ... will your cell phone be ordering you around, will your vacuum cleaner be thinking of ways to take over your house, will your servant computer be thinking of ways to, um, er, eliminate you ... ???

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