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Google to build prototype of truly driverless car


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Actually, the cars wouldn’t even have a wheel.

Well, how do they move then, without a wheel?

They got legs?

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@BertieWooster I think they meant it doesnt have a wheel in terms of you cant make turns decide where the car goes.. still need wheels as in the ones the car is on ;o

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That is just great! What could possibly go wrong?

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BertieWooster, they mean steering wheel.

Personally, I have major issues with a car that has no steering wheel or gas and brake pedals.

In addition, when major automotive OEM's who have so many years of experience making cars are still having trouble with safety and quality (most recently, GM recalls for ignition switches), I will not trust an IT company to build me a car, let alone one that I cannot take over and control myself if and when something goes wrong. If IT software and hardware were free of glitches, errors, viruses, and malfunctions, then by all means, go ahead and try making cars. Otherwise, please do not endanger me any more than I already am on the roads.

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This is not a car for the control freak, or the Muslim jihad bomb maker, or any suicide bomber for that matter.

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succumb all personal freedoms and whims to Google. Google is life, Google is master

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A car that finally makes sense being called a "jidousha"

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These things creeping around at 25 mph will slow up the traffic, and will surely be tempting targets for non-believers.

Besides, who says computers are infallible? I once had a pc that crashed. (sarc). Would you like to put your life in the hands of one of these things crawling through a slum district?

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Brings a new meaning to ad driven. The passenger probably has to click through ads every kilometre just to get anywhere or maybe be interrogated by the NSA to prove they are worthy. A new order and it will be Google Earth

Google needs to be broken up before it owns all industries

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eX-Driver will become a reality.

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I would feel safer in a bumper car and the local carnival. My bike with me as power and navigation can trounce the google toy. Google is nothing more than tech nerds on too much sugar. They do need to experience a fall from grace. As does FB.

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Google needs to be broken up before it owns all industries

I wouldn't worry too much.

With massive and costly failures like Google Glass, they are doing themselves in.

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maybe, but the ads support all these misadventures and it becomes a case of always telling Google NO when it simple can't stop

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Google and the NSA


There's actually a lot of similarity between the way these organizations work if you think about it.

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