Google to include people's Gmail in search results


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Great! I just think Google is the cat's meow - Now, if we can only get rid of Yahopo.

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Sorry, I do know how to spell Yahpoo.

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Time to abandon cloggy Gmail...

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The Gmail web interface is very nice and the labels were a good idea. That's all i have to say that's positive about Google, Inc.; they are becoming evil. Time to change again i guess.

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I just can imagine how many spam mails i will start to get! Time to migrate to better mail service.

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Google search and Gmail are a difficult combination to beat.

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Well that should be interesting

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After reading articles about Goggle being forced to pay millions in USA because of a misuse of Safari, and Gmail accounts being visible in Goggle, I decided to cancel my Gmail accounts to Apple iCloud Wave goodbye Gmail, you won't be missed. Google is moving towards the abyss, their services are not reliable at all.

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That just strikes me as... creepy.

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That is another one these Google "improvements" that we need like a fish needs a bicycle. What the hell is happening to the company that used to have the best ideas.

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Microsoft, Google and all the other big email servers have been mining your emails for ages now.

They have endless data on you and society in general.

Only now they're admitting it.

Notice they're not saying that the data mining is starting now, only that the data mining which is already taking place will now be tied to search requests.

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Hence why I am not on SNS, got a gmail account that is for trivial stuff like my membership on JT and other forums.

My real e-mail account is only handed out to family and good friends.

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Wow; and so far i been successful in keeping spam out of my gmail and spam/promo to yahoo -.- i'm disappointed in google; but then again this doesn't surprise me there A-GPS/Maps started out strong but there last few updates seemingly forgot how to find streets

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