Google to sell prototype of futuristic glasses


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Great way to make yourself recognized as a complete nurd.

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If they want to develop the technology, why don't they give them away to a few people? Looks like it's a limited market getting them at first (conference attendees only). Where's the freebies?

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Great way to make yourself recognized as a complete nurd.

I don't see all that much difference to iSheep with their iPads in hand shuffling along.

Isabelle Olsson, an engineer on the Glass project, said the company created the glasses for people to interact with the virtual world without distracting them from the physical world.

Sounds interesting, but impossible. How am I expected to look at some fappable pron while buying melons and not get "distracted"?

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I heard with the facial recognition it will help you be able to identify famous people and connect you to valuable information about them. That could also be a plus if you are at a bar and a porn star is recognized by the camera. You could instantly download and watch clips while talking to her.

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@ninoh, LOL! yes, the nerds get nerdier.

Nerding out on the internet--the 21st century "in thing"

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Why people choose to subject themselves to information overload is quite beyond me. So much trivia, so little wisdom - while wandering through the forest, these people will walk smack into the trees.

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How long before the first traffic fatality from driving while surfing with cyber-spectacles? "I was just cruising along and then this pop-up ad for fast-food distracted me so I didn't see those people in the crosswalk. Actually I didn't realize that I had hit anyone until after I got into the parking lot and looked at my car."

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wow... a lot of negativity about the glasses eh. Of course its not going to be a perfect product right from the start. How many accidents were caused by GPS before some makers locked the screen while the car was in motion. And for that matter, how many people are so focused on their cellphones that they walk right into people/stuff... There is a lot of potential in these glasses. I hope they really take off!

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What are the side effects of the futuristic glasses?

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