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Google, Uber form coalition to promote self-driving cars


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This is a totaly stupid and insane idea and a fine example of how remote fro reality and unable to see how crazy they are of the rich yuppies that have become major problems for the modern world. No one in their right mind would want to share the road with robot driven cars. no sane person. I think we will have to ban this idea fast.

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"Remote from reality and unable to see how crazy they are"? Here's the reality... drive on any road and easily 50% of the drivers you pass are either talking on their cellphone or glancing down at it while operating a multi-thousand pound hunk of steel and flammable liquids. THAT'S "crazy". How many times have you observed a driver speeding up to enter an intersection just after the traffic light has turned red? THAT'S "crazy". How many times have you witnessed some young driver acting out his/her Formula 1 fantasies by weaving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed? THAT'S "crazy".

Autodrive cars won't do any of those things. If anything, putting autodrive cars on the road injects a HUGE dose of sanity!

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they want the unemployment lines to rapidly increase and of course no taxes to be placed upon them either. It's crazy. The technology goes too far and only had to help drivers be better drivers as a warning system, not replace them

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no sane person. I think we will have to ban this idea fast. lol sounds like weve got a Uber/taxi driver worried about there future!? self driving cars do and will be safer than human drivers, theyll be much higher crash rates from human drivers than self driving cars and insurance premiums will probably also reflect that also. Itll allow elderly driver to still be mobile without putting other drivers at risk. Anybody who thinks that self driving cars will never be safer than humans is just plain deluded

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The reason Uber and Lyft are encouraging this is obvious: With autodrive cars, they don't have to worry about deviant drivers working for them. There was an article the other day in the Washington Post titled, "Why is my Uber driver breathing into a tube while driving?" Somebody had an Uber driver whose car had an ignition interlock because the owner of the car (he insisted it was a friend's car) had been convicted of drunk driving and the ignition interlock was part of their sentence. Uber can eliminate such negative publicity if they go to autodrive vehicles.

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by supporting the computers means that no human being needs to be paid and your money goes directly for profit to Uber. This creates a non human economy.

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How nice. Soon, companies like UBER do not have to bother with employees - sorry, contractors - anymore.

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economic activity must be to support people. People need jobs and income. So unless Uber is going to pay higher taxes to pay for all their unemployed workers, there isn't a need for computer drone cars. Just because it can be done doesn't mean it makes sense to

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look get over it people hundreds of thousands of factory job and given way to robotics, nobody liked it but companies cannot compete if there competition has robots and they dont. Driverless cars is just another step in the ladder, Im fine with driverless cars as theyll certainly have a lower accident rate as a human drivers which means a safer ride. imagine you could basically be driven non stop (except to stop for fuel) 12~24hrs and not have to worry about you or your driver getting sleepy, and can you actually sleep on the way. The car will never sleep , never speed, never run a red light. I personally cant wait.

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