Google launches Gemini, upping stakes in global AI race


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But an opposing side of the AI debate worries about the technology eventually eclipsing human intelligence, resulting in the loss of millions of jobs and perhaps even more destructive behavior, such as amplifying misinformation or triggering the deployment of nuclear weapons.

Hassabis already demonstrated narrow ASI with AlphaGo. Gaming grand champions are not out of work yet but that is due to cultural pressure, not their superiority in games.

Once late stage capitalism's race to the bottom, shareholder value ethic comes into play with easily deployable AI solutions, many labor markets are going to be mad even more precarious.

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I just saw this on the Japanese news and it kept pronouncing Gemini as 'jeh mi nee'. Is this another one of the mispronounced words that Japan often creates or is this how Google is pronouncing it in the US? I've always said this words as 'jeh mi nai'.

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I've always said this words as 'jeh mi nai'.

The original Latin is -nee I seem to remember from my Classics studies.

This should clarify it for you.

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@ClippetyClop Could be the greatest movie ever made aside from LGBTQ Jaws.

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Google's Bard has been a Technological Flop.

So, now they're trying to come up with some huge hype that is supposed to get us excited... during a time, when we are all worried about how AI wil impact our employability ?

Google and other AI companies should start to worry about the future and particularly how it's employee's should be protected towards antagonistic behavior's to it's employees -such as I guess will happen, in due course - as has happened in the past during such "Technological" revolutions....

Sadly, management of such change is not something that we have mastered yet - and those creating this situation should be held to account - if not subjected to "Corporal Punishment" due to their greedy oversight and its impact upon the World around them.

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