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Google's Chrome web browser challenging Firefox


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I prefer FireFox any day over Chrome!

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Firebox lost my bookmarks several times, Google won't play embedded video. The only browser that doesn't screw up is Explorer, in my case.

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i also prefer top runner i.e. IE !

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Another few years, Chrome will put IE in it's rear view.

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I used to use Firefox but Chrome is a lot faster and a lot cleaner up top. Well, now Firefox mimics Chrome's "clean" look with no tool bars but Chrome is still faster.

I still can't believe that people use that garbage of a browser that is IE.

5 ( +7 / -2 )

LOVE Google Chrome. I'll never go back to Firefox or Internet Explorer.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

...plus, Google has a sense of humor. For example, google "Google gravity", then select "I'm feeling lucky" and see what happens.

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I used to use Firefox but Chrome is a lot faster and a lot cleaner up top.

FF is just as responsive and loads content just as quickly as Chrome. If it's slow it's due to plug-ins. Get rid of the performance sucking plugins and you'll be fine.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

I'm sticking with Opera for now. Is it possible to use Chrome without having it automatically updating itself and without having some sort of Google Updater process continually running in the background?

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Myself using Safari and happy.

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Neither Firefox nor Chrome worked for me. Both sudden froze due to some bugs. Life is too short, I moved to something else. I use Opera (80%) and for the pages that don't work on it, I keep the old IE.

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Aren't Windows machines equipped with IE and that is why IE has 50% of the market; people are too busy to change their browser? I also read that many IE users are one or two versions behind the most recent. Anyone know if that has any validity?

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there ain't no best browser, with the latest versions of chrome, ie, and firefox all performing quite good (or quite bad). i hate mikro$oft for being bullies, and very unethically forcing people to use their IE. opera is not bad, but careful, it is totally insecure, let's anything run without you knowing, until it's too late and your hacked. my favorite is chrome-canary (gets updated everyday). and there are other nice ones: lunascape, seamonkey, sleipnir.

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The new FF versions are nagware, consume too much RAM and user's patience. 1GB was required officially by Mozilla, but in reality it consumes much more. Have problems with Add-ons too. Crashes, forgets. It was the Add-ons that help FF to become popular now them authors have difficulties to adjust their products to the new versions and the quick coming of new versions after V5 are not very inviting for download and installation . I believe Mozilla is paving its way to failure. Even if the old FF can't handle HTML5 I'd rather stick to it until it is safe to use and then when it renders old and useless I will switch to Chrome or IE above 8.

Chrome can get along with 500MB and faster, better and gives more comfort. Chrome has already left IE behind him.

Mozilla has a new pushy, self-complacent, aggressive business policy but as usually happens, aggressive pushy managers elated from the success that actually not them but their team or predecessors achieved, tend to disregard the competition and the numerous good alternatives which users can choose from. Big mistake. FF will be history soon. it's too late to turn back. once disappointing loyal users there is no way to get them back. The momentum will carry Mozilla ahead for some time, then the darkness.

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Chrome is awesome, especially the chrome store apps. One thing to be careful of though is that each tab open in chrome has it's own process running (so if one tab is playing up, it doesn't affect the others supposedly) but each tab is chewing up memory plus each widget you have in the tool bar, such ad block, news widgets, evernote widget etc has it's own process too. I have 8 widgets so there are 8 processes off the bat, if I have 10 tabs open then thats 18+ processes chew up memory. On new computers this is no problem, but older Win XP machines with insufficient RAM (which especially seems to an issue with laptops) will get bogged down really quickly. The sync feature is awesome on chrome though.

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In other words, 40.63% of people are stupid.

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The main reason to run Firefox for me has been the rikaichan... that's excellent. There is a port available for Chrome but it doesn't seem to work at all.

I agree with the posters above. Firefox used to be great but now it seems to be not working so well.

Chrome with working rikaichan would be my ideal...

1 ( +2 / -1 )

My computers are pretty fast, so web browser speed differences are pretty much insignificant. So it's all about useability for me. IE9 is finally going back to web standards after previous IEs' misguided attempts to set their own standards. Chrome, Opera, and Safari are pretty slim if not minimal; good for quick browsing. But for customizations, extensions, and configs, as a power web user control freak, I mainly use Firefox. Also especially since I've been known to use many many tabs, Firefox has been better at handling that than the others.

Still, more competition is always good. Not like when with no competition after IE crowded out Netscape, then IE sat at 5.5 for the longest time, and browser development pretty much slowed to a crawl. Because with no competition, Microsoft had no incentive to continue pouring resources, while the WWW passes it by. So let the browser wars continue!

Besides, with more and more people using tablets and smartphones instead of regular computers, it's becoming more and more about apps now to go thru the web.

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Firefox and Google Chrome are both unsafe. If someone gets access to your network everything you've ever done on the Internet is up for grabs. It's easy to get all your information on a USB in less than 1 minute.

Convenience is dangerous

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Chrome is the best with the speed and extensions on a Mac. For those learning Japanese, the "rikaikun" extension for word meanings in English and "Furigana Injector" for placing furigana on top of all the kanjis on a webpage are indispensable. Click on the Furigana kanji next to the star in Chrome in the URL box to activate the furigana's on a web page once you have it installed. Enjoy!

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@NetNinja: thanks for the tip. What browser would you suggest, and why?

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You can run rikaichan on chrome and FF, but the very useful rikaichan lookupbar only runs on FF. Plus Chrome add-ons often give their makers complete access to your computer.

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As long as you are using the most recent release, it doesn't matter which browser you are using anymore. There were a time when IE was behind but now they are all more or less equal.

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Google Chrome is a good browser. FireFox is open source. A relatively simple hack (work around) would allow anyone access to your passwords. What's worse is if they decide to install a master password behind your back. That would mean even if you log out of sites, a hacker could come behind you and still bypass your security.

Keyloggers are a thing of the past but it's interesting how any revelation of their existence still makes for a good story.

The problem is not so much the browser but the users themselves. Opting for convenience and not having to type leaves you open to a privacy invasion.

It's so tempting to use Google Chrome cause they've got everything linked. You can check your Gmail and stay connected to YouTube all in one browser. That's great and it's also dangerous. They don't tell you that when you link everything up like that you expose high level passwords (Depending on how many you have).

Now if you think your wife is cheating on you. Just encourage her to use Firefox. That's truly the easiest to get into and it will help you find out everything you need to know.

*Disclaimer I'm not a Russian covert net hacker.

I am interested in computer forensics as the future of crime will be committed mostly online. Seriously, who robs banks anymore? That's so 80's

I still prefer Google Chrome but with full security settings.

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Chrome opens up the process for every separate tab, for a large number of tabs it hangs the system up. also chrome steals personal information for Brin. therefore, chromium - a clumsing shit. Firefox is famous for its memory leaking and brake with a large number of tabs. so firefox - flooding shit. Explorer has a bunch of security holes, have such a browser - just give viruses a ticket to your computer. therefore, an explorer - a leaking shit. other minor browsers are built on with same engines as the leaders, so they have same problems. on the planet Earth just there isn't a normal browser for stable working in the internet.

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IE is built-in to the OS, so for most users who are not really into fiddling their computers, IE's fine.

For me, Google Chrome's nice and quite reliable. FF's OK if you don't need to open multiple tabs. IE, well, I usually use it only when I need to reinstall my other browser.

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I use a combination of IE, Firefox and Chrome. If one doesn't do what I want, or has some sort of problem, I try the next. I find Chrome works the most consistently though (for now).

The main reason to run Firefox for me has been the rikaichan... that's excellent. There is a port available for Chrome but it doesn't seem to work at all. I agree with the posters above. Firefox used to be great but now it seems to be not working so well. Chrome with working rikaichan would be my ideal...

Chrome DOES have Rikaichan and it works just fine. Also, it will automatically (or not if you prefer) translate any full site to English (or the language of your preference). I use Rikaichan when I want to learn kanji, but if I'm not in the mood, I just let the browser translate the whole page for me for convenience. It works way better than translation sites.

One cool thing that Firefox has allows you to download streaming videos and converts them quite easily (basically a one step process). With the other browsers you have to do too many steps.

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I think in Europe there were lawsuits forcing MS to make IE and optional install. And isn't Safari coming with every Mac similar? Why nobody is crying to Apple for monopoly on the browser?

Anyway few days ago Chrome got installed on my wife's PC with some other software (I am usually careful but it happened). I was interested and it seemed clean and straightforward.

However fonts looked very ugly (clear type is very smooth e.g.) and everything is online. Things which one would think have to be installed on the PC (like Settings and Options) were leading me to online pages.

I understand everything is moving towards the cloud but I am not ready - need a bit more privacy. Uninstalled and as always FF with my add-ons. Recently with the many FF updates some favorite add-ons are not working but there are ways to make them compatible with small change of the Max version in a setting file of the archive.

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It's surprising to see how many people including posters here dislike IE. That's biased, IE is improving.

Let's not forget that FF is not solely about technicalities but rather about business and market shares.

FF was shooting up to the sky because it replaced IE when it was created and there were hardly any better alternatives. Now, as I wrote there are more alternatives. FF market share is going down , in the past two years it dropped from 25% to 22%.

Mozilla opted for violent expansion and business manner in investing money into rivalry with Chrome that just doesn't seem to work out and as a response many of their developers and key managers , among others Mike Shaver left them while Mozilla managed to deter many enterprise users with the ceaseless releases of new, buggy main versions .

Their income came from a contract with a search engine provider, Google, that gave them a good 100 million dollars a year approximately 84% and 86% of royalty revenue. They made that contract when chrome didn't exist.

Now everything has changed. FF has a great chance to become irrelevant in a few years.

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Is there really anything to choose from? Google is only slightly better than FF. The interface is easier anyway.

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It's surprising to see how many people including posters here dislike IE. That's biased, IE is improving.

I admit, IE seems to be indeed improving. But the main reason many people who are in one way or another knowledgeble with the workarounds in a computer, know the fact that Microsoft has packaged the Operationg System, thus hogging the browser selecting option of the users, specially the non-techie ones.

And because other browsers were way better than IE, most people tend to ignore the IE and use alternative browsers for many years now.

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P.S: I noticed no one mentioned Safari at any point. ;-)

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P.S: I noticed no one mentioned Safari at any point. ;-)

B/c Safari 5.x is the 'IE 6' of OSX. It's a pig.

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Chrome is based on KDE which is technically Safari..

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May as well try Safari for win or mac, it beats Chrome.. http://www.apple.com/safari/

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FF used to be good but its becoming as buggy as hell with the recent version.

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