Google's maps go indoors with new mobile feature


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This is great. Now people will not be able to complain about the lack of English signs for tourists.

The hard part though will be finding some wi-fi for free to connect to. This country is back in the stone age on that.

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You are misunderstanding why the wifi was mentioned. Wifi hotshots with known location, which are on Google's database, are used for the calculating your location using triangulation or etc with combination of cell towers (also the location of them are known) as it is difficult to get gps signal indoors.

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Have you ever tried to get wifi in Japan? Good luck.

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The software is programmed to automatically change to a different floor in a building when the user does.

Wow, not even the spaceship in the original "Alien" movie had this - and got will there be a follow-up software for Japanese not to encounter any Aliens around them?

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@aboDofuIsSpicy enough Japanese user who forget to password their Wifi connection ;)

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Terrorists?? I do hope they do not research soft targets! Airports etc with this new Google technology!!

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Google wouldn't say why the feature would work only on Android devices.

To help encourage brand loyalty...duh

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