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Google's new app blunders by calling black people 'gorillas'


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The accountholder used a profanity while expressing his dismay about the app likening his friend to an ape, a comparison widely regarded as a racial slur when applied to a black person.

I would like to use a profanity expressing my dismay about this paragraph. If this tweeter used only one profanity after this happened, then that would be news. But this is still infant tech. I'll be more worried when it stops happening.

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The face recognition on iPhotos is pretty good. It even sorts out look-alike siblings with better (not 100%) accuracy than some family members. Maybe Google should ask Apple for a few tips.

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They can sue Google for million $$$ with Lawyer's advice because it's America.

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The gorillas could not be reached for comment.

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Image recognition facility of google is future changing program it will be very useful, It is start-up of this so not a big deal.

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Humans are also members of the great ape family, so technically the algorithm isn't incorrect.

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From now on I shall refer to Google apps as "apes"...

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I think it is more insulting for the Gorilla to be likened with humans...lol

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It always takes a while for the creators of new technologies to work the bugs out.

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