Googling yourself now leads to personal privacy controls


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Just think, go back in time only 15 years and just say that you were shocked when you googled yourself and got no results. Yeah, people would be looking at you for a TOTALLY DIFFERENT REASON!!! It still makes me laugh when someone says the googled themselves and were surprised by the results. Yea, my head may be in the gutter but can you blame anyone for that?

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The feature is part of an update to the “My Account” hub that Google introduced a year ago to make it easier for people to >>manage the privacy and security controls on the internet company’s services.

By inciting you to log-in in your browser so they can track you even thanks.

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log-in in your browser so they can track you even thanks.

If you don't want to be tracked, <> is an option.

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I wonder what sort of a world we live in, every one wants to track you to sell to you or rip you off. I think vanity search is unfair. I wanted to know how much of me was publicly available, its a valid reason for us paranoids.

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When I can't remember what I did last year, or what I had for breakfast. or what my old girlfriend's name was, it's such a relief that there is a place I can go to look it all up.

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I think we all know keeping our private info private is nearly impossible now, unless you operate purely on with cash.

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i googled me and got no results on me so id say thats pretty good!

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