Gov't to launch smartphone-based rewards program to soften tax impact


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Fourice, “People would just use the points and withdraw their money.”

Will that be possible? With electronic money like nanaco and such, as far as I know, once they’ve been charged the only way to get the money out is by spending it. Not sure about smartphone payment systems.

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The government is considering providing 5,000 yen worth of points to spend at stores across Japan to consumers who load 20,000 yen in their account

That's a good 25% profit! People would just use the points and withdraw their money.

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It's a trap. More govt tracking.

More govt spending means more taxes.

It's a trap.

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With less than 15% applying to get My Number Cards even after several years, I guess we can’t say it’s been a resounding success, ha ha. I suppose this plan will entice some more people to get the cards but I don’t really expect it to be a really great number. One thing I know for sure is that no one in this household will be getting one.

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Of course they’re doing this because they have our best interests at heart, not because they’re hoping to extend the surveillance state via the back door, right?

Huge sound of collective raspberry being blown in their general direction.

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Partnering with major mobile payment operators, the government will devise a system that will require consumers to first apply for a My Number card to be used as an ID for an account to open on the program's website.

So basically they are wasting billions of our tax money in order to sign more people up for My Number so the J govt Big Brother can get access to more people,s private info. Big surprise....

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Considering you aren't supposed to really share your 'My Number' with anyone, there's a whole lot of My Number sharing starting to creep in.

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Ridiculous. It's like that this country just likes to make things complicated for the all sake to annoy people. And don't even get me started with using the My Number thing.....

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No thanks.

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Cool. Once your My Number is registered on your phone, the government will know everything you buy using your phone.

That's one reason why I don't have a smartphone.

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I trust this as much as I trust the 7/11 Payment System. We all know how that worked out. Just what we need is our MyNumbers stolen. No thanks. I will cotinue to use cash/U.S. Bank Cards.

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