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Governments ramp up demands for user info, Twitter warns


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Do they need a court order to obtain the information?

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Is this really news considering how many governments are also looking at implementing digital IDs? People need to wake up and refuse to be surveyed and silenced by governments and private organisations, discord between people should be free and open its messey but at least it's free and democratic.

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I have zero sympathy for twitter. Despite several protests they continue to allow defamatory posts to exist on their site about a friend of mine. They aren't even polite enough to give an explanation of why they are failing to enforce their own rules. So, it's time government imposed controls on all the social media companies. They exist only to make a profit for their shareholders, whilst posing as the upholders of free speech. It's only about the money, so regulate them like every other business is regulated

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Google have recently also declared recently that they will share information from their nest products with law enforcement without any warrant being declared, and obviously without any input from the people whose information they will share.

Even if an argument can be made about safety and preventing negative outcomes by doing this, it opens the door to a lot of abuses, specially when involving journalism.

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And then you have this, law enforcement selling an encrypted phone system to crooks allowing them to read all their encrypted communications and develop evidence for arrests.


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We're at a stage now where companies know more about you than the government. The tide has to turn at some point.

Worse still, the CCP knows more about you than your own government.

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Time to use a VPN for pretty much everything you do online.

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@Shimon M4sada - agreed the CCP actually does know more, and indeed, they also collect DNA samples too.

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