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Gree to boost gaming controls after 'complete gacha' charge


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If you have to spend money and there is a chance involved in winning it is gambling, much like those things at the combini stores where you purchase a ticket to mabe win a prize, it is gambling and not legal in many countries.

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SAw this on the news last night. Some fools really go deeply in debt! Shut them down. They not only go into debt, they get black listed by credit companies.

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I read on another site that Tanaka’s personal wealth dropped by around $720 million in two days of trading, at that he is currently worth $2.3 billion.

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Well, pachinko parlors can't have anyone nipping at their heels. The audacity!

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Sorry Gogogo as far as i know as long as you don't get monetary prices it is not considered gambling in Japan.

And why would you spend 3$ or 4$ on getting rare virtual cards anyway?

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JapanGal, I saw this too and laughed. Losers. Pachinko players who are too lazy to get off their butts and head down to pachinko. The law has no business in this. A fool and their money are soon parted. If they aren't wasting money on this, they'll find something else.

Shame these people can't go out and actually play cards or go with other people just as bored as they are. But that would mean speaking to people so... guess that is out.

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This is a very interesting and topical subject I have been following in other press earlier in the year where Nintendo's founder raised the question that social gaming companies were actually fraudulent by creating games not for people enjoyment but creating games for the sole purpose to extract revenue through added on purchases and upgrades etc.

To me these games seem perfectly legal and there are no monetary gains to be made. If a player wants to upgrade their character with some uber weapons or the player wishes to pay to enter the chance to win a lucky card what is the problem? Its not like these games are unsolicited lotteries or gambling.

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Gotcha games!

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