Green machines? Flying taxis could slash emissions for long journeys

By Sonia Elks

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All sounds a bit pie in the sky.  Bit like Uber today announcing in its listing documents that it may NEVER make a profit......

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Public transport requires massive capital investment and is inflexible. For large countries like the US, China and Russia these flying cars make sense. Also as areas depopulate, old public transport infrastructure becomes a liability.

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It is well sort of slow for travel between cities especially in places like America, China and Russia.

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Flying electric VTOL already here. Check or on wikipedia. I toured the production facility in Mountain View California which is impressive. They are performing tests with prototypes in New Zealand because the FAA rules for testing are quite strict in the USA. They will be autonomous (no pilot) and sort of like self driving Tesla's, punch in a destination and off you go. They will have to be controlled by air traffic controllers and follow highways in the sky and not like what you see in the movies which will be a task since there could be millions of these flying around in the future just like we have millions of cars o the roads today. Kittyhawk also make an electric motorcycle looking VTOL.

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Imagine a driverless flying uber functioning soley on renewables... or even better- your own affordable, renewables powered, driverless, flying RV which can take you ANYWHERE. Hey, I can dream, can't I?

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