Groundbreaking discovery of organic molecule in space


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SO they can find a molecule in the middle of the galaxy zillions of miles away which we would have trouble seeing with a microscope here on earth.. Does any one else find this beyond incredible? They even managed to name the molecule and tell us that it is the most complex one they have found so far.

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It is mind-boggling indeed. And like a breath of fresh air after perusing the political threads here. Reminds us how small politics are in the greater scheme of things.

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Excellent news story. Much appreciated. When you find out what kind of vibration these molecules produce that makes radio telescopes aware of them, let us know.

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Very cool. Exciting to read reporting without the baggage of religion. The mystery and complexity the universe, if it is a "uni"'verse, is always engaging. Alas, to live in a time of such potential but not actually be able to travel amongst the stars.

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Great conversation to have in a restaurant when somebody comes out and starts talking gobbly gook

"Let me tell you this ,chiral centers have four different groups and are attached to a carbon atom, I'll have you know"

WAITER! "could you sharpen my steak knife please I want to put it somewhere"

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@wipeout, certainly it could be taken any where for any agenda like all news but it still remains beyond incredible to me. To the point of another Riken uncredible

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