Growing chorus denounces sexist Silicon Valley culture


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A lot of long-term socially awkward men with possible very little experience of interacting with women are instantly giving tons of money and power. It is like throwing a match into a dynamite factory.

Hell, I have seen the same in Japan without the money or power.

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While I do not deny gender discrimination and harassment I would also present "another part of the jungle" women who use these allegations to compensate for a lack of talent and initiative or just plain envy. men are sexually harassed also where are the statistics? Every time we hear allegations we should carefully consider the circumstances.

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Oh dear and so many people on here thought it was only in Japan, how disappointed they must be.

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Oh dear and so many people on here thought it was only in Japan, how disappointed they must be.

Not at all. They are denouncing it which is what Japan is SUPPOSED TO do but doesn't.

No one has denied that sexism and racism exist everywhere. But Japan's way of dealing with it, which is to hide it, deny it, pretend it doesn't happen, get nationalistic and say this is our unique culture that no one understands, or point the finger at others is a very silly childish way of dealing with an important problem.

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Back on topic please. Japan is not relevant to this particular discussion.

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