Hackers trained by Tokyo Olympics organizers to fight cyberattacks


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The organizing committee of this summer's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics has trained 220 IT security experts

Does the organizing committee has so much expertise in IT to train known experts ? Ouah, really surprising

Mr Mori is the lead for that....

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Good to see tax payer money is being wisely used...

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Is Mr Mori himself training the white hat hackers?

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Since many officials working for the Tokyo Games have been teleworking due to the pandemic, there has been growing concern that devices being used to work from home will be targeted.

Let's hope the cybersecurity of those working from home has improved in the last ten years or so:

Porn sharing JMSDF officers "accidentally" leak sensitive US data relating to Aegis and other military systems:

Thousands of documents, including interrogation reports and photo accidentally leaked by file sharing coppers at Setagaya police station.

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I have no idea why people still think the Olympics will take place. And if they do take place, that the even will be nothing that anyone watches. Who's going to come? Not I. And I live here in Japan.

Just cancel the damn thing and stop wasting money, time, and resources better spent on taking care of real issues.

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From the previous Minister in Charge of Olympic Cyber Security who had never used a PC in his life; just send a fax, and what's a USB stick?

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The organizing committee of this summer's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics has trained 220 IT security experts"

Now, listen good everyone...this is how you unplug a fax. Clonk.

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So we are paying 220 people from NTT and NEC, and also paid some Institute for training. For a game that either won’t happen or will have a fraction of the originally estimated attendance. How much did we dish out?

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Those "ethical hackers" now working for the organizing committee are mostly employees of Japanese companies, including Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp and NEC Corp.

Nice little bit of corporate welfare for NTT and NEC courtesy of the Olympics and the Japanese public suffering from a pandemic and SOE.

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These guys could probably whip out a kick a$$ contact tracing app within a week. A much better investment I think considering current circumstances.

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Like the others said, do they have the strongest capabilities on that field to teach it? And if yes, where do they have them from? Anyway, nothing will be hacked because nothing will take place. You won’t even be allowed or will be strictly advised not to go or commute there. Have a look at the daily infection numbers and new mutations or variants. Some of us won’t even be able to clearly spell ‘Olympic’ at the ICUs and ECMOs. Those are the problems, not such computer ‘hacking’ of nothing relevant.

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Calling it Hackers Olympics might be more appropriate, at least they can really compete with each other safely.

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this olympics is going to be such a disaster

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I can imagine the talent that NTT and NEC are letting work on this effort. Finally, a place where I can dump this guy that is worthless in our group. It will be a team of Mori-types.

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With the South African virus detected in Japan, I have a lot of doubt that the game can start. This virus is about 50% more contagious. The word is still out on whether the current vaccine will even be effective for this virus.

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Clay lover

The word is still out on whether the current vaccine will even be effective for this virus.

But there is no reason to expect that it won't be effective for this strain.

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Lol, they may just have to IP ban the whole of Russia and North Korea (unfortunately for the Olympics fans of those countries, if any)

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