Has blockchain found a use beyond crypto trading?

By Joseph BOYLE

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Want to know where your mango came from? Some supermarkets believe the best way for you to find out is to access a blockchain-based system capable of tracking the fruit from the tropics of Central America to your corner store.

Ah yes…. A digital ledger is surely the answer there…. I can just scan the mango as it passes down my throat to verify that all info recorded on some blockchain is accurate….

Diehl‘s book might be worth reading. If I could get my money back out of my bitFlyer account maybe I could pay for it with those funds, unless they crash further in value first

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As tension and confusion engulfed the United States after the 2020 election, Changpeng Zhao, billionaire founder of crypto firm Binance, had a suggestion.

A "blockchain-based mobile voting app", he tweeted, would mean "we won't have to wait for results, or have any questions on its validity"

Yeah, I figured someone from china will be VERY interested in electronic election results....especially the U.S elections.

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''The blockchain emerged from a 2008 white paper on bitcoin, which was conceived as an alternative to fiat currency.

The opening line reads: "A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution."

And fourteen years later I can receive crypto-coins from people in other countries in seconds, but to convert them in fiat (Yen) I have to go through ''Kraken Exchange'' in Tokyo, which is a financial institution. What a disappointment!

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Carrefour told AFP earlier this year that shoppers would be able to scan a QR code and discover the provenance of an array of products.

> Diehl pointed out that digital supply chain management has been around for years and is perfectly adequate without blockchain.

> "Blockchain is not adding any incorruptability to the system," he said, pointing out that people in the supply chain could tell lies on the blockchain as easily as on any other platform.

Diehl said it was "absurd" that the blockchain was "going back to things that were solved a millennium ago to justify its own existence".

Pretty much my feeling. Not saying that BC may not have specific, scalable, viable and/or interesting uses, but it seems that more than often BC enthusiasts are trying to pretend we are re-inventing the whole wheel by just block-chaining all of it or around it...

I recall a discussion with a friend back 6-7 years ago. He was not in love with crypto but was deeply in love with the idea of "disrupting" things through block-chaining them. So far, so good...

Where our evening discussion came to a loop, was when he illustrated his idea but saying that on a pallet of one hundred boxes containing each one hundred (smaller) boxes with each 100 pencils, we could block-chain each pencil and track its movements across the supply chain.

The loop started when I asked him:

.we're already tagging the pallet (and possibly the larger boxes), read: the technology exists, is scalable, financially viable, workable and reasonably trustworthy

*.and BTW, why the heck would there be any need (or gain for that matters) to block-chain every single pencil???*

While I agreed that it was feasible, I just didn't see much sense behind doing it...

The same actually goes for block-chaining a Lamborghini fresh out of the factory. If the ship on which the car travels sink, there is not much use for BC either. Neither is, if somebody manages to steal the car, as BC is not going to prevent this and insurances will cover for the loss anyway, so what??

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I saw a headline yesterday, "Cryptocurrency geniuses vaporize one trillion dollar."

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Difference between the tech and calling this an investment or means of exchange or whatever other nonsense the blockchain promoters have been telling us. Celsius anyone?

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Was this article written in 2015? This is seriously seriously old news.

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Has blockchain found a use beyond crypto trading?

This is a very long article that could be replaced with the word 'no'.

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Ah yes. Because I want the community that brought us SafeMoon to be in charge of safeguarding our democracy.

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The blockchain isn't solving anything here.

That's like saying you don't need email because we already have a postal system

"If I have a carton of apples and report that I put 100 percent of them on the truck, but then I skim off 50 percent for myself, the blockchain is not going to prevent that."

That's what auditing is for. Which is much easier and cheaper on a Blockchain than on the current systems

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That's what auditing is for. Which is much easier and cheaper on a Blockchain

And let's not forget the most important part, nonfungible. That's the real power of the blockchain.

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