Hatoyama said Japan will consider selling India nuclear power technology


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...and India will consider buying civilian use nuclear power technology if CTBT and NPT conditions are dropped by Japan(?). No fun - no business unless America gets involved (directly or indirectly) !

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Doesn't Japan need America's blessing on this??? aw

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"... but a U.S. nuclear accord with India last year reversed more than three decades of U.S. policy barring the sale of nuclear fuel and technology to India since its first atomic test in 1974."

If the USA can sell, why Japan is not able to?

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"Consider selling",well he's not going to give it away is he?

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"As a nation devastated by atomic bombs at the end of World War II, Japan is extremely sensitive to the nuclear issue and has been demanding a total elimination of nuclear weapons from the globe."

Oh, BS! Japan is only extremely sensitive about what other people THINK about how Japan appears on the issue, which is funny given that the current admin begged the US to keep their long range nuclear arsenal at a conference to ban all nuclear weapons.

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oscaralho: great post buddy!

No one country has the A-bomb or then all of the countries are entitled of possessing it!

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India is not a fool to buy costly technology from a nation (Japan) that always opposed and criticized the Indian nuclear program. It is a dirty Japanese business game by offering a free bullet train for selling costly nuclear power technology to India. India will never sign the NTBT.

There are other big players (America, France and Russia) in the market. Why Japan is considering now?

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The Japanese should now consider leaving India alone. Its the only one country in Asia where they havent been able to make whores of the women, fight a war with.

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