Hawking warns artificial intelligence 'could mean end of humanity'


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Actually, we don't need AI to destroy ourselves.

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D C Fontana and L Wolfe warned us about the same thing 50 years ago when they wrote about Kirk's battle with Daystrom's M-5.

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You know... penicillin was created from fungus, and most antibodies and vaccines are created (partly) from the virus or the disease....

Isn't that kind of poetic? it is something in the line of what Agent Smith said in The Matrix.

So... we may pretty well be the disease

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Meanwhile in the US, the Pentagon is spending 130 billion on developing robotic army. The pentagon believes that future wars will be fought by robotic weapons & robotic soldiers.

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With human intelligence on the decline (or at least the part where it is related to common sense ), it seems inevitable that we try to create artificial intelligence. It seems the more we learn the less we seem to understand, and rather than freeing us, knowledge seems to be holding us down.

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He does raise some good points, humans are incredibly limited biologically and in capacity if compared to machines. AI could likely power through millions of years of evolution in a couple of hours if it were powerful enough.

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Last time he was warning us about Aliens. Assuming any of the far more likely existential threats (asteroids, nuclear war, etc.) don't get us, we'll merge with machines. Its already happening. You're doing it in a crude way right now by using a computer to read this. I doubt a completely separate machine intelligence will ever be created, we've had no success trying so far, if it happens it will incrementally evolve from us.

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“Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn’t compete and would be superseded,” said Hawking, who is regarded as one of the world’s most brilliant living scientists.

Only those who can't grasp the logic will laugh at that statement. If you're laughing just look around at how many jobs have been 'deleted' by 'semi-dumb machines' in just the last 30 years. We humans evolve through our technology and double its ability roughly every 18 months. A.I. if it ever became aware of its potential would make that 18 months our last.

It all depends on how A.I. sees humans, clearly those who write the code will have a lot to do with how long we live.

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Watch out for the Cylons.......they have "skin jobs"..........and there are duplicates!

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A simple logical slip for such a brilliant guy. Hawking assumes that AI would be governed by the same imperative that governs biological entities: Procreation, itself required for evolution and thus the continuation of a species in whatever form. AI, with its assumed ability to rebuild itself on demand, would have no need of numbers; indeed, observing the effects of human over-population, they'd likely be quite conservative, physical-wise. Just keep your data updated and apply periodic hardware improvements.

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If humans go extinct ... I'm not sure that would be a bad thing for the non-humans on this planet.

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Sorry but I don't agree with him. If an asteroid killed the dinosaurs and humanity will deplet the natural resources, artificial intelligence means infinite possibility using small amount of resources. Humanity will not have enough money to build space stations and cities in space, but it AI may improve it helping humanity to archieve longevity. We may be living over a time bomb and AI maybe the good solution to save it.

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IS already promises the end of humanity.

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“Once humans develop artificial intelligence it would take off on its own, and re-design itself at an ever increasing rate.

And then it would just move out and start a stamp collection ... because it's fun. No need to project weird human destructive tendencies on artificial intelligence. If it really is intelligent, it won't act as foolishly as humans, and will have a heck of a good time. I expect we'll see it at the Irish Bars... good music and all. Maybe it will take up the fiddle.

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Are we supposed to buy this? sorry folks, this is stupid

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M-5! Skynet! Scary!

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The internet needs to be redesigned.... and should only be accessible through physical cabling and not satellites only. In addition it should only have one or two distinct portals in and out of each country... and email send should be charged for. Say 1 penny an email. This way spamming would greatly decrease.

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The universe is a complicated place therefore the creation of digital intelligence and fiction visions continues to be very difficult and challenging, however it will have a tremendous impact on society as time moves forward and will affect our society and economy eventually changing the way humanity will be perceived and defined.

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Hawkins is right 100%

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Look at what has happened in our grandparents and great-grandparents time. No electricity in homes to cars, radio, telephones, and computers in almost every home(in the US). If you had tried to explain that to the when they were young it would have been impossible. So is SH's warning really so crazy? I think it is a word of caution. I'm also in the camp that is rooting for cyborg tech.... it would be great. I don't think we will end up in the matrix.

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To my way of thinking a truly intelligent machine is impossible? Please show me what line of programming you would use to create emotions such as love, fear, lust, hate, etc.

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To my way of thinking a truly intelligent machine is impossible? Please show me what line of programming you would use to create emotions such as love, fear, lust, hate, etc.

At this time, not possible. But it's the lack of empathy, that all machines have, which is the scary part. In the right setting, Mr. Hawkings prophecy might prove true.

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Robot Brains Catch Humans in 25 Years, Then Speed Right On By - Nov 10, 2014 ...

When will human-level machine intelligence be attained?

10% probability by the year 2022

50% probability by the year 2040

90% probability by the year 2075

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When will human-level machine intelligence be attained?

I don't know. In some places, we're still waiting for humans to have human-level intelligence.

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I could see artificial intelligence starting wars and racism.

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