Apple introduces new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus


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Iphone 14 128GB around 120 thousand yen, 128GB Pro around 150 thousand yen, 128GB Plus around 135 thousand yen. With inflation currently on the way surely and wage flat, let's see how it will work in Japan.

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I will keep my iPhone 12 for at least three years.

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I was lucky to get one when they came out last year. Unbelievable value Best phone on the market.

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Apple are overrated and are not safe,a woman got her apple pay account drained at an ATM machine,someone install a skimmer,that left her apple account open after she withdrew money from a machine,I like cheap Android phone

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Unbelievable value Best phone on the market.

Not even close to best value. My Galaxy a30 costed less than 30,000円 brand new 3.5 years ago and the battery still lasts two days.

That I would call a best value phone.

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Gar,,Apple uses,Apple users phone to track others,all Apple phone are connected to each phone in a network to track Apple phones Google How Apple Track Apple Users

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I would be lining up outside their stores if "new" iPhones had anything actually new and Apple wouldnt slow down "old" iPhones/iPads on purpose.

I once got an iPad mini 1 pretty much just to read e-mails and watch Youtube, nothing that demands any relevant capacity.

iOS support ended and the latest app versions available for that iOS (Outlook & Youtube) also shut down, you can download it but it doesnt connect to the internet, so now this perfectly useable iPad is collecting dust somewhere.

Since then I refused to buy any iPad.

I'm not a clown to "update" perfectly new gadgets every 5-7 years just to be able to read e-mails on a screen.

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Finally,you can flash the bios and install Linux on a iPad and use it again Google Installing Linux on An Ipad

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Like it or not..

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new bonanza "campaign" for online giftcard scammers from Lagos.

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